Friday 28 October 2016


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Since I've dedicated this month to reading creepy, spooky, scary books... I thought this novella might fit in nicely. And I wasn't wrong.

Montessa is special. It's what her mother always said. She works at a strip club and has an abusive boyfriend. Plus her strong emotions stir up an uncanny side most never see.

Lu is a demon. It's what his father always said. He drives a truck across the country and enjoys killing girls. Plus he's got a freaky, fiery power that comes in handy.

The night Lu kidnaps Montessa, their lives change forever. Being yanked out of her sad life isn't such a bad thing, and Lu isn't so bad. Lu's desire to kill has never been overshadowed by the need to protect, but Montessa fascinates him. Together, they find something neither one realised was missing from their lives and embark on a crazy, dangerous adventure that can only lead to tragedy...

Wow. This novella sure packs a punch!

There are so many things about this story that should have horrified me: that Lu is an unapologetic serial killer, that Montessa surrenders to such a freaky situation, and the stuff these two characters set in motion. But none of this bothered me. I actually really liked both characters and felt bad about their individual histories of violence. So when they team up, I wasn't surprised.

This is the story of two very messed up people. Two people getting by as best as they can, barely living real lives. Until they meet, and something explosive happens. I loved the raw violence of both Montessa and Lu. I liked how they brought out the best and worst out of each other. I enjoyed taking this rocky, dangerous and exciting road trip with them. And mostly, I loved how well this novella was written.

It might be a disturbing story with tragedy waiting around the corner, but it's awesome.

Oh, and the title rocks!

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