Friday 23 September 2016

Words, Sorting & Reading

Yikes! Can you believe another week is almost over? This year is going way too fast.

Anyway. The production line must keep moving, so I had a bunch of things I wanted to achieve this week:
  • Write 5k UF short story featuring a character from the Sierra Fox series
  • Brainstorm another shortie
  • Clear my out-of-control stationery clutter
  • Organise my writing stuff
  • Read 13 MINUTES by Sarah Pinborough

Here's what I actually did:
  • Wrote first draft of UF short story (6,447w) 
  • Cleared all the stationery clutter & actually reorganised everything
  • Organised my writing stuff to make it easier for me to file & access notebooks, pens, sticky notes, etc.
  • Brainstormed & figured out the start (plus other details) for another horror shortie
  • Read and reviewed 13 MINUTES by Sarah Pinborough
  • Finished reading EVERY EXQUISITE THING by Matthew Quick

There you have it. Another productive week! Yay. :)

I have to admit that I didn't plan/expect to read two books this week, but I'm glad that I did because they were both AWESOME! I've been having such a cool run this month, which is great after so many DNFs last month. LOL.

Oh, you know what else I really enjoyed doing this week? Because I was writing a short story set in Sierra's world I actually grabbed the books in her series and read through them to check some details. And I loved it. It's always a nice combo of exciting and weird when you can read back one of your stories and still love it.

The Sierra Fox series will always have a special place in my heart.♡

The shortie might be set in her world, but it focuses on different monsters and myth. Plus Sierra isn't in it. I can't promise she's not mentioned, though. ;)

Today was my daughter's last day of Term 3, so she now has two weeks off school. I'm still hoping to get a few things done next week, because the week after that, hubby's home. Can't wait!

And on that note, I'll sign out.

Have a great weekend!

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