Friday 9 September 2016

To-do Week

Hey! How's everyone today? 

Well, the first (official) week of September turned out to be very productive. I put together a weekly to-do list--which I then broke down into daily blocks--and this process worked really well. It's not the kind of thing I can see myself doing all the time, but it was perfect this week.

Here are the things I wanted to achieve:
  • Add proofreading changes to superhero short story, read one last time & sub
  • Go through YA bookshelf & purge a series I'll probably never read
  • Finish writing SF/horror short story
  • Spring cleaning

And here's what I ended up doing:
  • Finished superhero story (5,988w) & subbed
  • Purged ten books from my YA bookshelf
  • Reorganised all my YA bookshelves
  • Wrote first draft of SF/horror story (3,254w)
  • Began the time-consuming task of going through my stationery, books & toys to organise everything!
  • Trimmed my unruly hair

Of course, there were a bunch of other non-writing daily things that needed to be done, but I'm concentrating on the bigger goals. :)

I'm actually really happy about getting one short story finished, and the first draft of another written. The superhero story turned out a lot better than I expected. I love the character's voice and I had an awesome time paying (cheeky) respects to some of my faves. The SF/horror story turned out to be even freakier than I envisioned, so that's cool.

It feels good to be back on the productive train. If I can spend September getting these short story ideas outta my head so they can become the stories I've been carrying around, that'll be awesome!

Dreaming about, brainstorming, and turning ideas into actual stories is one of my favourite things. And I've had TOO MANY circling my head lately. :)

Anyway. That's about it for now. Well, except that we've had some gorgeous, warm weather all week. I can definitely get used to this. I love spring.

Have a great weekend!

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