Friday 16 September 2016

Staying busy & falling over


So. Another week is almost over, and I once again managed to cross everything off my to-do list. Yay.

Love that feeling!

We've had some strange weather lately. It's mostly sunny and the days are warming up, but there's also random rainfall and a fair share of dark and dreary. You know which one I prefer, but I'm just enjoying spring. ;)

Anyway, let's list what I wanted to complete this time:
  • Proofread & revise my SF/horror short story
  • Write reviews for 2 colouring books
  • File & photo admin
  • Brainstorm the next short story
  • Go through stationery & writing stuff
  • Read VIGIL by Angela Slatter

And here's what I actually achieved:
  • Proofread, revised, finalised SF/horror story (4,109w) & subbed
  • Wrote & posted reviews for The Throne of Glass Colouring Book and Supernatural: The Official Colouring Book
  • Organised a bunch of writing-related files & photos & inspirational pics
  • Scanned short story notes & filed the PDF with corresponding story
  • Brainstormed 3 new short story ideas (one takes place in Sierra's world)
  • Organised (or rather, moved around) my pretty notebooks & writing notebooks
  • Finished reading VIGIL by Angela Slatter

Once again, there were a bunch of RL things I also had to take care of, but I'm super excited about this week's productivity. I'm liking this production line thing I've got going. Especially since I didn't let a little thing like tripping over a footstool in the dark--and landing on my face--stop me.

Seriously, though, I tripped right over! I gave myself a fat lip, a bruised right shin and scraped the back of my right hand. Then the next day my left side hurt too. Probably because I (luckily) cushioned the worst of the fall with my left arm. Still, it was OUCH! and OW! for several days. :(

In spite of the injuries, I consider myself lucky. It could've been so much worse. *shiver*

After working hard all week, I'm really glad that the weekend is here. It'll be nice to take it easy for a few days. Looking forward to napping, hanging out with hubby, going for walks, and just taking a deep breath.

Have a good one!

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