Tuesday 10 May 2016

This week, I have a plan!

So. A new week is here.

After a super busy weekend, which included lining up early in the morning for Free Comic Book Day, this week I've decided to tackle the third draft revision of my 1980s YA novel. Yep. And I started yesterday.

I managed to revise 33/289 pages. That's actually quite good, considering that when I tackled the second draft in March I only managed 9 pages on the first day. Ouch! 

Of course, that draft turned out to be more of a rewrite than a revision. O.o

I've set myself the goal of getting this draft done by next Friday. That's two weeks to get the third draft done before passing it off to my daughter. This will be the second YA book I've written in the last few years. And yes, my daughter read that one too. She loved it, and also happens to be the only person who's read that dystopian YA.

So, what is this 1980's WIP I've mentioned before? Well, it's a story that hit me while listening to one of my favourite songs from my teens: HEAVEN by Warrant. I've always loved this song and even had the cassingle. LOL. Anyway, it's set in the late 80's and is the story of a teenager who is dealing with first love and strong friendships, while going through a lot of other changes. It's pretty much a contemporary story, but would be considered a historical because of the year/setting.

I'm really excited about working on this draft. I wrote the first draft during NaNoWriMo in a frenzy of words, hairspray, leather and loud music. :P I had a blast telling this story and reconnecting with my actual teenage years. Here's a fun fact: I was the same age as the narrator during the year it was set, and share a lot of interests with her. Plus, she's the same age as my daughter is right now! Fun, right? ;)

Another thing that makes this story stand out for me is that it happens to be the book that got me out of my horrible writing slump last year. Letting several publishing issues affect my output was awful, and getting lost in this book helped me find my way back to writing.

Well, that's my writing goals for this month. Asides from that, I'm still going to keep reading as much as I can and doing all the other daily odd jobs that come hand in hand with working from home. It's amazing just HOW MUCH you do in a day when you're at home most of the day!

Have a good week.

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