Friday 1 April 2016

THE PROMISE OF AMAZING by Robin Constantine

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I was trying to figure out what to read next, I decided to go through my Kindle books and got stuck into this one right away.

Wren is the youngest kid in the family and the only one left at home. She's also an average student, quiet and a good girl. She's not sure what she wants to do in the future, and works at her mother's catering business. That's actually where she crosses paths with Grayson, and saves his life.

Grayson is smart, athletic and a bad boy who is trying to change. After being expelled from his school because of a term paper scandal, he's determined to stay out of trouble. And when Wren saves his life, he doesn't just see it as a second chance, but he's really keen to get to know the cute girl he can't shake.

But no matter how bright their mutual attraction burns, sometimes the past has a way of dragging you back. And when that happens to Grayson, Wren might be the one who gets caught in the crossfire...

I really enjoyed this YA contemporary book. It's told in the alternating POVs of both Wren and Grayson--which was done very well. Sometimes this story was fun. Sometimes it was cute and sweet. It's also downright twisted in some places. And a good degree of frustrating when Grayson's lies spiral out of control.

Also liked how when it came to Wren and Grayson, not only were their interactions an integral part of the story, but each had their own friendships to deal with. As well as a good dose of family drama.

This is definitely a keeper. Loved it.

BTW, I love the adorable cover!

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