Saturday 28 November 2015

LOBSTERS by Tom Ellen & Lucy Ivison

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

My daughter borrowed this for me the other day and because I have SO MANY OTHER BOOKS to read, I wasn't planning on reading this yet. Then I picked it up yesterday morning, and finished it today.

So. There you go.

Hannah and Sam go to different schools and have different friends. Yet they meet by accident in her friend's bathroom during a party. Where she was supposed to be losing her virginity to someone else. She doesn't, and the ease they felt towards each other never fades from their minds.

Now, no matter how 'fit' anyone else they meet happens to be, they just want each other. And keep meeting up. Then disaster happens. And they lose touch. Before meeting again...

This turned out to be a very funny, yet super awkward love story between two very frustrating teens who could've saved themselves a hell of a lot of trouble if they'd just been honest and said what was really on their minds.

Yet for that exact reason this raw and very honest story, of what happens when young people face the pressures of finishing school and waiting for the results that could change their lives, was perfect. Finishing high school is such a high-pressure time filled with so many mixed emotions: glad to be done, nervous about results, keen to party, and being uncertain about the future.

This book captures all of that and so much more. There was only one character I couldn't stand--Stella. The bitchy best friend who constantly, yet slyly keeps the smarter, prettier friend down. Couldn't stand her. I knew people like her in school, and I didn't like them either.

Anyway. I really enjoyed this book. Turned out to be a lot of fun! :)

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