Tuesday 29 September 2015

MUD VEIN by Tarryn Fisher

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I grabbed a copy of this book for my Kindle as soon as I finished Marrow . And I'm glad I did.

Senna is an author who wakes up one morning to find herself trapped inside a house with another person. The house is surrounded by snow. It's also got power, food, and other supplies to last them a long time. The one thing they can't do is leave, because there's an electric fence around the property. Besides, they're in the middle of nowhere.

Alone and desperate to figure out who brought them here, and how they can escape, Senna is forced to remember bits and pieces of her life. Mainly the things that made her the sad individual she has become: a mother who abandoned her, a disconnected father, an attack and disease. Of course, hidden in all the sadness is her one true light. The only person who truly cared. Also the one she pushed away.

Yikes! This book is so emotionally heavy. It's a very interesting human study. It's a twisted drama wrapped up in a creepy thriller shell. It's also very depressing.

Senna is not a happy narrator.

She's... complicated. She's negative and hounded by misfortune. She's hard to love, but somehow makes others want to look out for her. Senna is antisocial, a recluse, and half the time doesn't know what she wants. She can be so frustrating! But her character development is interesting, kept me hooked to the page.

And the way this story ties into Marrow only raises more questions about both books. Which I think is both awesome and clever. How much of what Senna and Margo go through is real and how much is delusion? Great question!

Yep. I really enjoyed this and will certainly read more books by this talented author.

PS. I think it's very sneaky to give a bleak, sad character a name that means brightness. :)

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