Sunday 10 May 2015


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The haunting cover of this book caught my eye when I first saw it posted on Twitter. I also found the blurb intriguing, so I grabbed myself a Kindle copy.

Bryony is a girl destined to die. It's what everyone thinks from the moment she is born. Even her mother can't bear to stick around because she doesn't want to see her die. In spite of this, she survives one year and then another, and even makes it into adulthood. But she spends her life running from one place to another because when she stands still people die around her.

When she dares to tempt fate by settling in one place--finding good friends, and even allowing herself to fall in love--she catches the eye of a killer.

I really enjoyed this enchanting, yet eerie story. I liked Bryony, and the fact she wasn't as weak as everyone thought she was. She's nice, kind, loving--a delicate presence that touches the heart of everyone she meets until all they want to do is protect her

The lyrical writing style of this story sucks you in, until you also want to protect Bryony.

This odd, heartbreaking, and often disturbing book about life and death turned out to be a chilling, yet wonderful tale.

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