Friday 29 May 2015


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Wow. This book was amazingly awesome.

Last week when we stopped by our local library I was checking out the YA bookshelves and found this book. The cover intrigued me because it's creepy lovely. Besides, I thought it sounded like the kind of book my daughter would enjoy. By the time we got home I knew I wanted to read it. :)

My daughter read it first, and she loved it.

I picked it up yesterday and was instantly hooked. This is a very well written YA thriller about a nice young girl called Carly who loses herself, alienates herself from the people who love her, and winds up dead.

Her uncle was jailed for killing her, but her cousin and good friend, Audrey, doesn't believe it. And now she's back in the preppy school to figure out what really happened. But to do that, she'll need Carly's ex to help her. Niely hasn't been the same since the night Carly left him a message on his phone and he didn't respond. He's been torn up and suffering nightmares ever since. So doing this with Audrey might be just what he needs to find closure.

The more they investigate, the deeper Niely and Audrey get to real danger. Because whoever killed Carly is still out there.

I loved this book. It turned out to be an amazing thriller that kept me guessing. I did end up working out who the killer was and why before it was revealed, but there were still a lot of twisty answers that blew me away.

This is an excellent story! I also loved the ending. It was nice to find out what happens to both narrators after they get closure about the girl who impacted both of their lives so deeply.

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