Sunday 29 March 2015


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This is one amazing novella! Not just because it's set in the world of The Lunar Chronicles and Cinder makes an appearance, but because it's a beautiful story of one-sided love.

Mech6.0 is an android, and for some reason she's got a crush on Dataran. He's a young engineer who seems to be falling in love with someone else. Miko is the daughter of the man who owns the ship the crew is working on.

The day Dataran falls into a deadly oil pool, Mech6.0 risks her own existence to save his life. As a result her android body malfunctions. Still, thanks to a young (and awesome mechanic) she gets herself a temporary new body. One that enables her to pretend she's human and get a job beside Dataran.

However, as her love deepens, so does the mutual feelings between Dataran and Miko. Until Star--she's given herself a human name--realises the truth, and makes the ultimate sacrifice.

I LOVED this novella. It's so sad and wonderful, heartbreaking but inspiring.

I'm just a sucker for stories about robots/androids/AI that develop human emotions. :)

I'm loving this series!

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