Thursday 12 February 2015


Last month I spoke about LOOT CRATE, and posted a bunch of pics to show you what the January box contained. I also mentioned that we'd subscribed to another cool subscription service called HORROR BLOCK.
Well, the mystery box finally arrived yesterday:
Love that tape! Actually, the whole box is really cool and captures the horror theme very well.
Anyway, this is what the inside contained:
And these are the goodies:
There are some really cool things in this one. I'm looking forward to reading my copy of Rue Morgue, as well as the Twilight Zone comic book. And of course, that Chucky tee is AWESOME. Can't wait to wear it. But you know what my fave thing was?

This little beauty:
OMG. Pink Posey is SO pretty. She's adorable, and tiny. I love the way she looks. I've always found Living Dead Dolls intriguing.
As you can probably tell, I was the one who kept most of these goodies. It wasn't much of a surprise to anyone since I love all things horror. :P
I can't wait to get the February box. I just need to be more patient. It's coming from Canada, so it takes about two weeks to reach Oz.

Have a horror-filled day!

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