Friday 9 January 2015

THIS CHANCE PLANET by Elizabeth Bear

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is another TOR.com story. They post some really good stuff over there.

Ilya is trying to convince Petra to harvest a liver for money. He's in a band and while she slaves away as a cocktail waitress, he pretty much sits on his ass playing his guitar--which he's not even that great at doing.

A chance encounter with a dog on a train makes Petra curious. So curious that she shares food with the dog and even reads up about the animals. And when the dog leads her to a horrible discovery, Petra decides she's been trusting the wrong person.

I really enjoyed this near-future story set in Russia during a time when genetic material seems to be sought after. The way the story developed was enthralling, and I liked Petra's voice. As well as the mythology she mentions, and her appreciation for a homeless dog who desperately needs a home.

Oh, and I thought it was clever how she ends up sharing some of her genetic material without her deadbeat boyfriend getting what he wants. And that she intends to use the money to better her education. Ha!

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