Tuesday 20 January 2015

The Cycle of Clutter

Now this is a word that can make me crazy.
Mainly because I'm so good at unintentionally creating clutter for myself.
When I receive or buy something, I don't put it away. I like to put the item/s on my stationery trunk. So that I can see what I've got. It's not just because I like to look at pretty new things, but mainly because in order to put things away I usually have to reorganise something else. Or think long and hard about where I'm going to put it.

This happens a lot with new books and stationery.
I love collecting notebooks, pens, post-it notes, etc. so much that I can't stop buying them. The same thing goes for books. It doesn't matter if I have an abundant supply of all these things, I just can't walk past a lovely notebook or an interesting novel. LOL. It's a compulsion.
Last week I spent a bunch of time putting away the clutter I'd accumulated on top of my stationery trunk. And managed to clear most of it off. Until we went to DAISO over the weekend and I managed to start a new pile. ;)
Stationery and book clutter aren't the only things I need to deal with. There's always mind clutter, which happens a lot because my head is usually full of ideas and plans. And then there's file clutter.
I'm super paranoid about my computer files. The thought of losing anything forces me to backup everything, at a bunch of separate places. One of the things that got really out of hand was my pictures file. I have different folders with pics I like to post here, as well as on Twitter, and I often find inspirational pictures online that I like to collect. Well, all of those--as well as the photos I take on my phone--were out of control. I had hundreds of pictures on my phone that weren't organised.
So, I spent Friday morning going through everything.  It took hours, but I'm very glad with how everything is filed now. I can't believe I had duplicate files everywhere. It's crazy to let things get so out of hand, but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day. o.O
Well, now it's done and I feel a lot better. It's much easier to synchronise daily. All I have to do now is make sure that I keep this system going and don't let it get out of hand again.
Only problem is that clutter has a way of sneaking up on you. Don't even get me started on everything crowding my mind... 

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