Tuesday 18 November 2014

Willow's first draft is done!

Yep. That's right.
The first draft of Willow's story is done & done. (As Homer Simpson would say, LOL.)
I'll probably start writing down bits and pieces that I want to add--because that always happens when I finish writing a story--but for now: the FIRST DRAFT IS DONE.

I'm so excited.
This is a story that I've wanted to write for months, so when I sat down and got started it kinda poured out of me. Willow was very chatty and I had a great time delving into her life. It's an urban fantasy book set in a fictional suburb located in Wollongong. That's where Willow ended up going to Uni, and she liked it so much she decided to stay. Oh, and it also takes place 5 years after A STITCH ON TIME.
Willow's all grown up and might be away from Sierra's influence, but trouble still has a knack of following her as much as it did her sister.
I'm so glad that both Lavie and Willow now have their own stories. Well, only the first draft of their stories are done at this stage. I need to revise both of them, but still.

I'm also really excited about these spin-off novels, because these two characters were screaming for me to write their book even before Sierra's series was written. But they had to wait. ;) Now that they're out of my head (because they wouldn't stop hounding me all year!) I might be able to concentrate on other stories--other worlds and characters.
Anyway, here's the word count:

I reckon that after the revision process is done, both stories will end up with a word count of 70-75k. There are a bunch of details and lists that I'll need to add/layer when I get stuck into them. And I'm really looking forward to it.
Anyway, just thought I'd post an update. I've been working so hard on writing this story as well as meeting my annual NaNoWriMo goal, that I think I might take the rest of the week off. Catch up on some reading, stationery sorting, and maybe even some brainstorming.
See ya!
BTW, if you're interested in finding out about the SIERRA FOX series, click below:

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