Saturday 1 November 2014

BIRD BOX by Josh Malerman

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Someone mentioned this book on Twitter because it was on special at Amazon, so I decided to grab a copy. The storyline sounded creepy enough to suck me in. And as soon as I started reading, I was hooked!

Malorie and her two young children live in a house with covered windows and locked doors. The world fell apart years ago, and as a result, you can't look at the outside world. You can still go outside but have to wear a blindfold because there are horrible creatures out there that drive people mad. As long as you keep your eyes closed and covered, you can survive.

She's trained her kids to depend on their hearing instead of their sight, and does pretty well herself. The house might be safe and they have well water, but when she wakes up one foggy morning she knows it's time to head for the river and search for a better, safer place to live. But heading out into the world with a blindfold is hard, especially while rowing along the river...

This is an amazing story! It's so tense. I couldn't wait to see what was going to happen next. And it's told in a way that takes you on Malorie's current journey while taking the reader back to when it all began. To a time when the world started to fall apart and she'd just found out she was pregnant. To when she decided to head out until she reached a safe house and met a bunch of survivors who made life worth living. Their positive attitudes and kindness kept them going for a while, but even that soon starts to crumble.

It's really great to watch the past and present unfold to reveal the core of each story.

This tale is a great study of how hard, or how easy--depending on the person--it is to break someone's mind. Is it the weak-minded who lose it when they see these creatures, or is everyone affected? Not to mention how even after something so serious is going on, there's always at least one asshole left to ruin everything.

I loved this very unique, frightening story not just because of the subject matter and the characters, but also because of the way it was written. This is fantastic!

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