Saturday 18 October 2014

SWEET DAMAGE by Rebecca James

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

After borrowing Cooper Bartholomew Is Dead from the library and really enjoying it, I decided to put this one on hold as well. As soon as it came in, I got stuck into it...

Tim Ellison has been staying with his ex after getting back from Indonesia. But her current boyfriend doesn't want him there, so Lilla pushes him to move out and even finds a place for him. All he has to do is turn up and check it out. The house is huge, the rent is cheap, and he'll be sharing with only one person: the young owner of the house.

Anna London is strange and frail. She can't leave the house and seems mentally unstable. She keeps to herself, doesn't talk much, and spends hours in the attic. None of that matters to Tim because he's got a job at his father's restaurant, goes surfing, and hangs out with Lilla. They might now be friends, but he's still hung up on her.

When strange and creepy things start happening at night, Tim starts to wonder if moving into Fairview was a good idea. He also starts to think that Anna might be going mad. But the more he gets to know his housemate, the more he likes her and starts to realise that while she's definitely got issues stemming from trauma, she's not losing her mind.

So what's going on?

This was another great thriller with a very creepy vibe. I managed to figure out one of the mysteries (Benjamin's story), but had pinned someone else as the one responsible for all the other creepiness. So that was a great surprise.

Loved this book! It's freaky, twisted, and so intriguing I couldn't put it down. Tim and Anna were great narrators. I enjoyed reading Tim's story, while Anna's slowly unfolded.

I'm looking forward to reading Rebecca James's first book. I actually own that one. I really like the way she tells a story, and that there's a certain wickedness to them. ;)

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