Friday 10 October 2014


Danger at the Spook Catcher Council...

“Stay where you are, I’m going to check this out.” As soon as Gareth took the first step, the exterior partitions uprooted, ripping free of the bolts securing the base to the carpeted floor.

The walls advanced like one long snake, heading for Gareth. The top smacked him in the back as he tried to get away, pushing him to his hands and knees. Miraculously, he held onto the gun and managed to crawl towards Henry’s shattered office.

The office dividers whipped into the air several times before smashing onto the floor right behind him. The sound was loud, and reverberated beneath my feet.

Gareth rolled over, crab-walking beneath the monstrosity that was about to squash him if I didn’t do something.

My feet were rooted to the carpet, but I couldn’t just stand by and watch this happen. If these office partitions were being controlled by a poltergeist, wraith or something stronger—even demonic—maybe my dark patch would help.

Gareth stopped long enough to aim his gun at the invisible foe. “Sierra, get out of here!” He fired a few shots and the sound echoed inside the cavernous office, the bullets ricocheting off the other wall panels. When he cried out, I knew one had struck him, and that forced me into motion.

Instead of running away from the trouble, I ran towards it. Glass crunched beneath my boots. Screws, bolts and pieces of plastic became obstacles, but the debris wasn’t enough to slow me down.

“Sierra, no!”

I ignored Gareth and ducked underneath the partition—which was still whipping its long frame in the air like a viper ready to strike—seconds before it made one final attempt at Gareth’s life.

When the construct pummeled downward towards its target, I stepped between attacker and victim. “Stop,” I yelled, raising my left palm in front of me. The tattoo on the back of my hand shimmered and the spiraling momentum screeched to a halt.

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