Friday 29 August 2014


It's been a while.
But I made it back.
Like last time, I have no excuses for not posting an update. But hey, I did post other things. Like, my interview at SF Signal, which was very exciting.
I've also been busy updating online stuff, writing guest blog posts for one book, organising promo spots for another, brainstorming two Sierra Fox spin-off novels, and reading.
Yes! I'm finally all caught up with my review books, so this week I've been grabbing books that I've been meaning to read for ages from my bookshelf and Paperwhite. It's been a lot of fun. Although it hasn't put much of a dent in my TBR pile, I'm no longer behind on my 2014 Goodreads Reading Challenge. :)
The weather here in Sydney has been terrible. We've had rain almost every single day for about two weeks now. The worst part is that the days are mixed. It rains, then it's sunny, then a downpour hits, then the sun comes out again, only to end up in rain again. Grrr. It's really annoying when you're trying to go out for walks, or trying to catch up with the washing. I hope that Mother Nature is throwing some last-minute shitty weather our way because spring is just around the corner.
I'm totally ready to leave winter behind and settle in for some nice spring weather. Bring it on!
I mentioned that I spent some time brainstorming two spin-off novels set in Sierra's UF world during the last few weeks, and I'm pretty much ready to get started on the first one. I plan to write a Lavie Grye spin-off that takes place a few months after A STITCH ON TIME, and a Willow Moss spin-off that takes place several years later. Willow's book is not going to be YA, it's another adult book. Lavie's book is going to be a road trip story: kick-ass demon hunter with a bunch of issues, hunky demon with mischief on his mind, a gorgeous red and black VW Kombi, and a whole LOT of demonic trouble. I can't wait to get started!
I'm very excited about both of them because the ideas are coming pretty fast. That's why I've been taking notes and even researching a bunch of stuff in preparation. I think Lavie's story is SO ready to be told that I'm going to start on Monday.
Well, that's it for now. Just thought I'd pop in and say Hi!
Have a great weekend.

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