Tuesday 5 August 2014

I am Groot

Okay, so my plan to blog more often kinda didn't work out. It's been several weeks since I last posted an update. O_o
Oh well. I'm here now, LOL.
Over the weekend we went to watch GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY. The movie doesn't officially come out in Australia until this weekend, but we purchased advanced tickets. We'd been looking forward to this movie for ages. Ever since the first time we watched the trailer, LOL.

Anyway. We went, we watched, and we all fell in love!
GotG has a bit of everything. It's filled with all the elements that make a movie worth watching over and over again. Actually, we're already making plans to go again as soon as the crowds die down a little. It really is an amazing rollercoaster ride full of fun and mayhem. With a lot of heart and terrific characters. There's something about GUARDIANS that really hits you. Something that hasn't left me since I saw it days ago. I really did fall in love with the setting, the characters, the world--everything. This is the kinda Sci-Fi I absolutely adore.
I am Groot.
Speaking of Sci-Fi, did you read about my awesome RECAST news? In case you didn't, my super cool editor contracted the fourth instalment in my ongoing saga about the lives of very different people who have all somehow been affected by the cruel Jenks Maine and the Recast Arena.
This is my Robot Love Story. :)
What else have I been doing? Well, I've been watching the days go by much too quickly. There's always so much to do that the weeks are just whizzing past. :/ There really aren't enough hours in the day.
I did, however, finalise that short novel I mentioned a few weeks back. You know the one that I mentioned was a secret? Yeah, it's done and with my editor. So, fingers crossed.
The one thing that's fallen behind the last week is my reading. I have a bunch of books that I really can't wait to read but with the finalizing of the 50k story and sorting out my stationery trunk, plus trying to schedule some promo spots for next month, I just haven't had time to read. Boo.
That will have to change this week!
Also, we had a bit of unexpected trouble with Loki late last week. The poor kitty got blocked and we had to take him to the vet a few times. :( The vet knew exactly what was going on and took care of him, plus gave us some medicine for him and he seems to be back to normal. We were lucky to catch it early, and that his urine test came back normal. Phew. I was so worried about him. I really hope he's fully recovered now.
Anyway. That's it for now. Just thought I'd post an update. I won't bother to say that I want to make a habit out of this, because every time I say that it doesn't happen. So, how about I just see how I go? ;)
Have a great week!

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