Friday 9 May 2014

Hey, it's another TGIF!

So, what's going on?
I grabbed this book a few weeks back because I love the quote. It's a lovely notebook, and since I collect them in all shapes, sizes and colours... I just had to have it. LOL.
I've been taking it easy the last few weeks. Well, my idea of taking it easy involves handling a variety of to-do lists: some involve writing stuff, others involve stuff around the house, and even clearing out some of my stationery clutter. Oh, and reading books. Yes! I've caught up on a bit of reading, and it's been a lot of fun.
While I haven't actually done any new writing, revision, or even editing, my head's full of stuff. There's so much stuff percolating that some of it is starting to become more than just incoherent images and snippets. Some things are becoming story ideas that I want to tackle.
The problem is that I want to tackle all of them right now. Which of course, I can't. So I grabbed an A4 book yesterday that I'm going to use for brainstorming. And I intend to try to get as much outta my head as I can... O.o
Besides, my mental break is done. The TORN FROM THE SHADOWS print galley hit my Inbox this morning, so I'll be tackling that next week. Unless I receive R2 edits for A STITCH ON TIME, which I'll then have to squeeze in first. Either way, I think it's going to be All Sierra All Month. And that's cool with me!
Speaking of TORN & Sierra. Do you know what I got the other day?
This great review:
"Ms. Sfetsos has a unique ability to mix the mystical with reality, strength with vulnerability, and adding a layer of magic all her own. I love Sierra and the world she lives in."
—Hollie, Coffee Time Romance & More
Which led to this AWESOME award:
I'm so excited about this! It's an amazing feeling when you read a review that really, really gets your story. It's wonderful, and makes me smile. :)
Thank you Hollie and Coffee Time Romance!
I love writing Sierra's world, so knowing that some people are enjoying it always makes my day.
Anyway. What else? Oh, we stopped by a comic book story last weekend for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY and picked up a few freebies. Plus, we went nuts because there were so many cool and cute goodies that we liked. We ended up buying a lot more than we expected. But that's a good thing. :P And on Sunday we celebrated STAR WARS DAY by watching the original--and the best--trilogy.
It was a lot of nerdy, geeky fun!
Well, that's about it. I just wanted to drop in and say HI! because it's been a while.
Have a great weekend!

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