Friday 30 May 2014

GALILEE by Clive Barker

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I'm a huge Clive Barker fan and have read (and loved) many of his books. I love his writing style, and his twisted imagination. I actually own every single one of his books, but haven't read all of them yet. And this is one that I've been meaning to read for YEARS!

Last week, while shuffling things around in my bookshelves, this book caught my eye and I started it. I was instantly swept away by the sheer enormity of the story. There's something magical about this book. It's majestic, and filled with characters that are larger than life. The Barbarossas are an ancient family that are much more than human. Their lives span centuries, and when the story starts we meet the 'kids' who are living in a grand hidden house that was built by Jefferson himself. Cesaria and her offspring are hiding from the world, and have done so for so long that one of them decides it's time to tell their story.

But to tell their story, first he needs to go back to the beginning. Back to a time when Gods and Goddesses walked the Earth and were worshipped by people. Which then leads to a very powerful American family--the Gearys. These two families are enemies, but have a heavily intertwined history. An amazing past that links them but will ultimately tear them apart.

As the story unfolds, the reader is introduced to the prodigal son. His name is Galilee, and because of him their world might come crashing down around them...

OMG. This is an amazing book and I absolutely loved every minute of it. It's epic. It's a twisted love story. A tome filled with hidden histories. Characters who are both good and bad. It's moving and powerful. Violent. Interesting. Erotic. Fantastical. Brilliant!

Seriously, Galilee is a beautiful, twisted, complex, and intriguing adventure.

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