Thursday 17 April 2014

EXCERPT #2: Torn From the Shadows

Phantasms everywhere!
"Can you hear that?" Lavie asked.
"Hear what?" I stepped onto the sidewalk and past the streetlight. I scanned the area behind the big rectangular, peaked warehouse and focused on the overhead train lines. The train tracks were dark, but I could definitely hear something. It sounded like…sparks.

"I can hear a sizzling sound," Lavie whispered, standing under the streetlight.

My skin prickled at the same time as white, blue and green sparks appeared along the overhead train wires. They moved quickly, getting closer.
"Lavie, get away from the streetlight," I said, never taking my eyes off the wires.
"Just move away, into the dark!"
The electric arcs had already jumped the train lines. Some were slipping in through the warehouse’s wiring, others were racing towards us.
"Sierra, what the hell’s going on?"
As I turned to push her away, a rush of energy reached the power lines crisscrossing over our heads. The white, sparkly lights raced into the streetlight, causing the bulb to fizzle out and leave us in the dark.
Lavie finally took a step, but it was too late. She stood too close, so when the spark manifested into a phantasm, it engulfed and zapped her with enough current to knock her off her feet.
I watched as it took off, headed straight for the warehouse.
An ethereal explosion lit the night with green sparks. The warehouse was buzzing with energy. I could see the glow from the square windows.
The night watchman ran outside but was zapped in the back of the head. He collapsed in a heap on the driveway
"Lavie," I called, stepping closer. "Lavie, are you okay?"
She didn’t answer. I crouched beside her to make sure she was still breathing. She was, and her pulse was steady. I didn’t want to leave her alone out here but the others might need my help. I had to get inside.
I pushed her backpack away to make sure she was lying flat on the sidewalk, took off my jacket, and threw it over her body so she’d stay warm on this cool September night.
"Sierra!" That was Ebony. "We need your help!"

TORN FROM THE SHADOWS will be available on APRIL 22, 2014:

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