Tuesday 11 February 2014

It's been a while...

Hey! How's everyone doing?
After an awesome two-week break, hubby went back to work yesterday. :( We had such a great time together that I didn't want him to go back. I love hanging out with him. We can be in the same room doing completely different things and still be together. I love that!
I miss him during my morning walks and at home...but such is life. Anyway, that explains my absence from blogging.
Though I did stop by to post several book reviews and my awesome news. I'm still super excited about the fifth/last book in my Sierra Fox series being contracted with Samhain Publishing. This October, Sierra's Obscurus ordeal will come to an end. Actually, a lot of things come to an end in A STITCH ON TIME, and I can't wait to share it with everyone!
So, while having a cool time with hubby we managed to snag a few good deals on several stationery items: pens, post-its and notebooks. I'm a stationery addict and can't walk away from pens and notebooks. Love 'em! And since there were a bunch of Back to School sales last month, most places are now trying to clear whatever is left over. The pens featured on this post are some of my stash. Not only do they look great, but I love writing with them. I'm using the pink one at the moment.
Well, that's about it. I just thought I'd check in and post a little "Hey, I'm still here" post. This week is going to be all about easing myself back into the swing of work. There are several bits and pieces I need to take care of, then next week it's time to get stuck into the third draft of Recast #4. Looking forward to getting back to my robots. ;)
Have a good one! 

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