Wednesday 8 January 2014

Excerpt #2: Meet Lian

Sometimes Lian wished she could jump onboard that heavy transport to escape this life. Vera and Hogan had suggested it countless times, but they all knew she wouldn’t go anywhere without them. The guards were physically tied to the estate by collars, but Lian was bound by blood.

We’re all prisoners here. 

She tried to force her anger away and took her seat. Sergei’s leering smile spread along his thick, pierced lips. He didn’t stand, but his predatory eyes followed Lian’s every move. She wanted to smack that greedy glare off his ugly face.

"I’m so glad to have you back," he whispered near her ear. His breath smelled like fish and wine.

Lian cringed at the blatant possession he already displayed, but kept her cool. She hated these fake dinner parties.

"Yes, so glad you decided to join us again." Meiling didn’t sound amused, so Lian avoided meeting her gaze.

"So, what did I miss?" She picked up her fork and started toying with the food on her plate—a tiny portion of sautéed eel with a tangle of spring onions. Gross. Vera would deliver her a plate of real food later—red meat, potatoes and chocolate cake. That’s what she called a meal.

"We were discussing potential wedding dates and locales," Meiling said with a chuckle. "Sergei’s home planet has summer all year round."

"How wonderful," Lian said with fake enthusiasm. "You must be uncomfortable here, then." She hoped he was uncomfortable in this snowy terrain.

"Not if I have someone to keep me warm."

Lian’s skin crawled.

"He also owns a space station, which happens to orbit his planet. Isn’t that exciting?"

"Yes, very."

Sergei took another bite from his fork, while ducking his other hand under the table to squeeze Lian’s knee.

She gritted her teeth, trying not to react, even if the fingers holding her fork twitched. The urge to plunge the tines into his roving hand made it almost impossible to keep herself under control.

"A summer wedding sounds exhilarating—sun, fun, flowers, summer fruits…"

Lian lost her concentration and let her mother’s chatter become an annoying murmur while all her attention zeroed in on the feel of Sergei’s thick fingers trailing up her thigh and under the hem of her dress. If he only slid his hand back and forth from knee to thigh, she could pretend it didn’t repulse her. If his fingers hiked any higher, she would lose it.

She glanced at Sergei and found his gaze pinned on her. His thick tongue poked out enough to flick the metal piercings along his bottom lip. If she wasn’t so disgusted at this feeble attempt of seduction, she would have laughed. Instead, she willed him not to do what she anticipated he would do next.

Don’t do it. Don’t do it.

His hand moved higher, index finger caressing the outside of her panties.

She pushed her chair back and it tumbled with a thump. Sergei’s hand reflexively went to the table as if he had done nothing wrong. That was when she stabbed the fork into the back of his hand, making sure the tines went deep enough to pierce his fleshy skin.


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