Tuesday 24 December 2013

So, it's Christmas Eve...

And although I don't feel like doing much, but sitting down on the couch to read and catch up on my Twitter feed, I've actually put together a to-do list.
There are a few things I'd like to get done today, before hubby gets home--including making peanut butter choc-chip cookies. As soon as he gets home, he's got five days off. Yay! Looking forward to it.
Besides, I did a whole bunch of nothing yesterday. LOL.
Oh, okay, so that's not entirely true because I finished reading another book. Yeah, since I finished working on the TORN FROM THE SHADOWS FLE and Proof, I've gone on a reading binge. It's been great, catching up with a bunch of UF books I'd purposely put aside because I didn't want to read them until I was finished writing my Sierra Fox series. And now that it's written... Yeah, having a blast with the reading!
At the beginning of the year I put myself down for the Goodreads Reading Challenge. I wanted to read 100 books. I've actually read 114 novels, novellas, short stories and comic books in various genres. I love to read, and even though I've managed to get through so many stories...there are SO MANY more still on my bookshelves, Kindle, and even Google Play. Yikes!
Still, I love books so the more the merrier. I can't imagine writing without putting aside time to read. I find it inspiring. Love to lose myself in someone else's world for the duration of the story. It also fuels my desire to write even more. I use books as rewards for getting words written, or pages revised and edited. I even put some aside until I've completely finished a particular project.

Can't imagine life without books. Just can't.
You know what else has happened? Lavie has started to speak to me a lot louder than she ever has. In case you're wondering, Lavie Grye is a character in my Sierra Fox series. She's a demon hunter, and a close friend of Sierra's. She's a little scatterbrained, but she's tough and loyal. I knew I'd be writing a Lavie book eventually, just didn't realise her story would start to come together so soon after finishing Sierra's. LOL. Still, I'm not going to fight it. I've been writing everything down and constantly think about it.

Love this stage of the writing process. :)
Okay, I think that's it. I just wanted to post a little something today. Some days I don't feel like blogging, but others I certainly do. Today happens to be one of those days!

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