Thursday 12 September 2013



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After not being able to engage with a few books, this book changed everything. I was hooked from the beginning and got so caught up I couldn't wait to get back into it. Yay!

In this harsh urban fantasy world mosquito-sized fairies mutated and have a craving for human blood, which is a really bad thing for people living near the swamp. A fairy bite leads to insanity, or death. Either way, your life is over because you're sent away to a camp. But Annabelle Lee is immune, so she works for the FCC collecting samples, and also helps the police with the dirty work they can't get to.

That's how she gets caught up in the murder investigation of a local girl, Grace. As well as gets the attention of Breeze (fairy poop drug) dealers. She becomes determined to find Grace's killer and finds danger at every step.

OMG. I love Annabelle! She's a loudmouth and is constantly looking for her next drink. On the surface it seems like she doesn't have much self-respect and doesn't even care about her life or anyone around her, but what she hides beneath the surface proves otherwise. She's a very caring woman who can't let go of her past, and because of her immunity has seen SO MUCH CRAP that the only way to drown it out is via alcohol. She's a very sympathetic and likeable character.

Oh, and I love Gimpy! He cracks me up. I also like Cane and Hitch--her present boyfriend and the ex she can't let go. Not to mention the twisted mystery at the heart of the story, featuring the creepy Beauchamp family. I'm also really looking forward to finding out about the 'invisible guys' and just how strong the extent of her new power is.

I loved this book! Actually, I'm going to go and buy the second book right now! ;)

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