Friday 19 July 2013

MIA because of stuff

So, how's everyone doing? Wow. Long time no post.
I mean, I've been posting book reviews and a few other bits and pieces, but definitely no updates. :/
Hubby had annual leave all last week and it was my daughter's last week of school holidays, so we wound up going to the movies to watch THE MAN OF STEEL and PACIFIC RIM. I loved both of them. We also caught up on a bunch of other movies we've had at home for a while--a few turned out to be duds. But I really enjoyed LOOPER.
I also got a bunch of reading done.
It was a really nice break from everything. Hubby hadn't taken any time off in ages, so it was awesome!
Then this week everything went back to normal. Hubby went to work, daughter back to school, and I hit the ON PINS AND NEEDLES print galley. I actually finished today. It was nice to catch up with the characters and story again and I really didn't find too much to add to the correction/changes sheet. But you know what the most exciting thing is? Now that the galley is done, the next time I see this story is in paperback. I can't wait. It's due out next year. So exciting.
Anyway, I'm really glad that the weekend is here again. And most importantly, that I got the chance to finish everything I wanted to get done this week.
See ya!

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