Monday 8 July 2013

HIDDEN by Marianne Curley

Ebony has always known that she is different. Her violet eyes mark her out, and her protective parents have kept her in a gorgeous valley, home-schooled, safe from everything - almost as if she's being hidden. But she's changing: glowing, getting more and more beautiful, and stronger than anyone knows.
Ebony can't stay hidden for ever, and when she meets complicated, intense Jordan, something explodes inside her - something that can be seen from the heavens; something that changes everything. Ebony is a stolen angel, concealed on Earth. Now the heavens have found her, they want her back.
When I started this book, I really didn't know what to expect. This is my first Marianne Curley novel, and I didn't know much about it... but it hooked me in right away.
Ebony Hawkins is a sheltered teenager who recently started attending high school. She's not like other girls, she's actually stronger, faster, and has violet eyes. She's always suspected she was different, but the night she sneaks out and finally confronts her parents to get some answers, she winds up having more questions. And becomes determined to find out where she's from and what she really is.
Jordan Blake is a teenage boy who's had a tough life. He constantly gets into trouble and knows that life usually gets worse before it gets any better. The night he's savagely attacked and nearly dies two angels offer him a second chance at life, in exchange for helping them find a lost angel. He accepts and the decision sets his life on a new path.
What neither one of them know is that they both have important roles in an ancient battle between angels and demons. And that Ebony is a vital part.
The book is told in the POV of both Ebony and Jordan, which turned out to be an awesome technique. I loved seeing what was going on through both of their eyes, and got a deeper understanding of each personality. I also thought the worldbuilding was interesting, believable, and revealed at just the right pace.
Hidden is an amazing story of self-discovery and destiny. It's also about growing up while trying to live an average life until you realise you're destined for so much more. The mystery at the centre of Ebony's life was intriguing, the suspense gripping, and the turn of events that lead her down an action-packed path had me hooked! 

This story is filled with secrets, confusion and a miraculous conclusion. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of Ebony and Jordan's story.  
Hidden, March 2013, ISBN  9781408822623, Bloomsbury Childrens


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