Thursday 6 June 2013

Getting stuff done...

I took this picture while I was walking last week. It was a foggy, cold morning but all the grass and leaves looked so much greener. It was nice, and there's something I really like about this pic.
So, hope you're all enjoying June so far.

Hubby and I went to get our final splint fitting on Monday. As expected, it sucked. Those molds are just a pain in the butt. Oh well. We've got one more fitting--hopefully--which is pretty much the splint. Though the dentist did warn us about most people needing adjustments. O_o
Anyway. I'm not going to think/worry about it until the next appointment is near (last week of June).
I've been crossing stuff off my to-do list this week, and even rewarded myself with this great UF book.
Getting through the list is slow going because there are a variety of things to tackle, but I did manage to get all of the promo interviews and blog posts finalised for the Sierra Fox release week. It's going to be a week full of me being at different places chatting about Sierra. One place will even feature an interview with her. I'll be posting the links closer to release.
Speaking of Sierra. OMG. Check out this AWESOME A Patch of Darkness review! Jenn sent me a link via Twitter yesterday morning and it made me very happy. Reading a review where the reader totally gets the characters and what's going on always makes me smile. Thanks Jenn!
We watched Game of Thrones the other night. Yikes! Wasn't expecting a wedding to turn out like that. It was shocking. Seriously. I have to admit that there are some vaguely interesting things going on--like Dany and that dude are totally gonna get it on, LOL--but my interest in this show is still low. I'm just glad this season ends next week.  Maybe having a break from it will help me get into it again. Who knows?

BTW, really glad that NSW won this year's first State Of Origin game. Go the Blues! ;)
Well, that's it for today. It's almost lunch, so I'm going to step away from the computer for a while.
It's a long weekend here, but hubby's having tomorrow off as well. So we'll be having an extra long weekend. Yay. Have a great one!

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