Sunday 16 June 2013

EXCERPT #3: On Pins and Needles

A little Sierra & Papan...

“Whoa, hold up, Fox!” a familiar, masculine voice called as the arms loosened around me. “Where’re you rushing to?”

“What the hell, Papan? You almost gave me a heart attack!”
He released me and I took a small step back, trying to calm my breathing and heartbeat. I did manage to smack him in the shoulder, though, which only made him laugh.
I’d been too wrapped up in my own thoughts to notice him as I stepped out into the dreary afternoon. This worried me a bit because I couldn’t afford not to be cautious—not after the incident outside Sally’s store. But meeting my half-sister and discovering she had poltergeists attached to her had thrown me a bit off balance.
“You’re wound way too tight,” Papan said with a cheeky grin. “I think I’ve got just the thing for that.”
This time, when he wrapped his long, strong arms around my waist and pulled me closer I didn’t resist. Instead, I got on my tiptoes and practically threw myself against him. I couldn’t believe he was actually here. When he lowered his mouth to mine, I melted into his warm embrace and the masculine sweetness that was all Papan. He tasted like minty toothpaste at the moment and smelled delicious—all man and spice, with an undertone of deodorant. I couldn’t help but wonder if he’d stopped by his place or mine before deciding to surprise me here. We were supposed to meet in the city.
I pulled back from the kiss and looked up into his handsome face. “What are you doing here?” I touched his coarse cheek, and ran a fingertip over the adorable dimple.
“I finished up the case a little earlier than expected. After all that time sitting in the car eating junk food and crawling around in the dark taking compromising photos, I needed to work it all off. So I stopped by the gym for a few hours, took a shower and thought I’d surprise you.”
Well, that explained the wet hair and dry clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He looked so good, even if he was wearing his usual faded jeans, a tee, and boots. The black T-shirt made his dark blond hair look lighter, and his green eyes always stood out.
“I have to admit that I really like your surprises.”
“This isn’t the only surprise I have planned for tonight,” he teased, running his fingers down my waist and settling them on my hips. He leaned down for a quick kiss. “But first, we need to catch up. Are you hungry?”
“Yeah, actually, I am.” My stomach flipped, but it had nothing to do with skipping lunch and everything to do with the wave of desire rushing through my cold body. What I really wanted was to get him home—alone.
ON PINS AND NEEDLES will be available on JUNE 18, 2013:

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