Friday 14 June 2013

EXCERPT #1: On Pins and Needles

The third book in my Sierra Fox series will be released next week. Here's where it all starts... 

As soon as I stepped off the sidewalk, I knew something was wrong.
My skin prickled and the ominous air of danger I’d become so accustomed to during the last few months lent me pause. Even after checking both sides of the road and being so close to my destination, I was still blindsided by the glare of twin lights headed right for me. Headlights during an overcast day weren’t an anomaly, but these high-beams served another purpose. And if I didn’t get out of their path, I was going to end up splat on the pavement.

The vehicle didn’t seem to be slowing down—actually sped up.

I was temporarily stunned, so it took me a moment too long to get my legs going.

The noise from the traffic I carefully avoided faded into the background, but I pumped my suddenly rigid limbs.

With every step, I chanted the protection incantation I’d learned by heart as easily as others might a prayer. The invisible shield cocooned me instantly but I didn’t slow, not now that I was so close to safety. The barrier might keep a person from getting to me, but being hit by a car would surely disrupt my chanting. And the spell was only good for as long as I kept whispering it.

The bumper nudged my protective wall, rebounding off it and causing me to miss a step. As expected, I lost concentration and my whispers abruptly stopped. If it wasn’t for the parked cars on this side of the street—spell or no spell—I would’ve ended up plastered on the road.

All sound rushed back when the car I leaned against started shrilling, making my ears pop. Screeching tires echoed in the distance.

 “Sierra, are you okay?”

I managed a quick nod before taking several shallow breaths, hoping they would help calm my racing heart.

Lavie Grye, my friend and demon hunter, was running toward me with both arms outstretched. “Are you sure you’re okay? That car nearly ran you over!”

I nodded, glancing down the road even though I knew it was too late to catch the culprit. Whoever just tried to run me over had come and gone, which confirmed this hadn’t been an accident. Someone’s blatant attempt to take me down had failed. I was sure of it. Having a certain group of freaks after me made me more than a little paranoid.


“I’m fine, just a little shaken. That’s all.” I turned back to her, noticing her denim overalls and the long-sleeved T-shirt underneath. She always covered up, leaving only her hands exposed. Lavie had a demonic seed living inside her, which manifested as snake-shaped lumps roaming under her scarred skin.

“You didn’t catch a look at the car, did you?”

Her hazel eyes were wide and bright, but she shook her head. “I’m sorry, I didn’t. I was looking out the window and spotted you crossing, so I thought I’d greet you at the door. It happened so fast I didn’t bother looking at the car.”

“Don’t worry about it.” One way or another, I was pretty sure I’d eventually find out who was responsible.

“Let’s get inside.” Lavie wrapped an arm around my shoulder and led me into her aunt’s store, which had been my destination all along.

ON PINS AND NEEDLES will be available on JUNE 18, 2013:

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