Saturday 9 March 2013

BETWEEN by Kerry Schafer

Between (The Between, #1)
Vivian Maylor can’t sleep. Maybe it’s because she just broke up with her boyfriend and moved to a new town, or it could be the stress of her new job at the hospital. But perhaps it’s because her dreams have started to bleed through into her waking hours.

All of her life Vivian has rejected her mother’s insane ramblings about Dreamworlds for concrete science and fact, until an emergency room patient ranting about dragons spontaneously combusts before her eyes—forcing Viv to consider the idea that her visions of mythical beasts might be real.

And when a chance encounter leads her to a man she knows only from her dreams, Vivian finds herself falling into a world that seems strange and familiar all at once—a world where the line between dream and reality is hard to determine, and hard to control…
I reckon the cover for this book is lovely, and a great representation of what happens in the book.

Vivian is an ER doctor in a new town. She recently left her boyfriend and is happy to get on with her own life. She's also trying to avoid dreams. However, when her real life collides with that of her dreams, her life is turned upside down and she learns a few family secrets that introduce her to the alluring Zee, and will change her life forever.

I really enjoyed this book, especially the surreal quality surrounding the events. There's danger, dragons, a penguin called Poe, an evil villainess, an asshole ex, a courageous man willing to risk his own life, mystery, mayhem, dreams, nightmares, and a heroine forced to face a new reality.

It was a great book!

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