Friday 22 February 2013

CIRCUS OF BLOOD by James R. Tuck

Anticipating the worst keeps Deacon Chalk a step ahead. But he never expected that a badly-beaten were-bat female victim would suddenly mutate and almost take him out. Or that the freak undead that infected her can’t wait to turn all lycanthropes into uncontrollable killing machines…once he’s gone. And that day is getting awfully close. Deacon may be outnumbered, out-gunned, and cut off from help, but what the enemy doesn’t know is that’s exactly when the world’s best bounty hunter lives up to his billing…
I love this kick-ass series! And this novella fit nicely. It's got vampires. Horrible, freaky, deformed vampires. And one of them is a freaking clown. *shiver*

I love Deacon. He's not afraid to get caught up in any sort of mess if it means punishing the asshole bad guy. Also, Father Mulcahy is awesome. He's just how I like my priests--rough around the edges, gun-toting, ready to kick ass, and strong as hell.

Another great addition!

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