Tuesday 5 February 2013


Yep. This year is already full of them. We sold our car, my daughter started high school, hubby's super busy at work, I'm planning my 2013 projects... Like I said, changes. 
The one that's affecting me right now is the different schedules. This month, the time we get up and when my daughter starts school is completely different to what it was last year. This means that I need to tweak my schedule as well because I do most of my writing when they're at work and school. It's nothing huge, but my brain is refusing to make the shift smoothly.


That's right. On Sunday afternoon I decided to dedicate this week to working on the second draft of Sierra Fox #4. I was looking forward to it, excited about making all of the changes I've written down. But when Monday rocked around, all I managed was a few of the additions. Sure, it was quite a bit but it just didn't feel...substantial.
This morning was the same, but I decided to tackle things a little differently.
While on my walk, I started thinking about why it was so important that I get stuck into this today. What's with the pressure? I asked myself. Turns out, there's no real pressure. Just me being hard on myself and feeling like I have to cramp every minute I'm alone with (writing) work. Luckily, my brain doesn't agree. There's no need to push, because I'm actually looking forward to working on this revision. It's just that--for whatever reason--this week is all wrong. And there's nothing wrong with that because next week sounds like a better idea.
Sure, in the meantime I might get editing, but so what? If it comes, it shoots to the top of the to-do list. No biggie. Revision is important because I've set myself a deadline, but it's not something for me to get so pushy about. Gee. Can't believe it took me days to come to this very simple and obvious conclusion.  
The best thing about this bizarre situation is that as soon as I gave into the idea of putting the revision aside this week, a barrage of ideas, dialogue and additions flooded my mind. It felt like my subconscious had been holding everything hostage until I agreed to stop being pushy. LMAO.
It honestly felt like that, because my walk turned into one awesome brainstorming session! I even came up with a better title for the fifth/last book in the series. The one I had just wasn't cutting it. ;)
Now I can take my time making all of the changes/additions this week so that when I get stuck into the second draft, they're already there. Plus I'll get a chance to catch up on some other stuff. Cool.
BTW, I just thought I'd mention that ON PINS AND NEEDLES is now @Goodreads. :)
Other than this writer craziness, everything's good. Well, except for the weather. I'm SO SICK AND TIRED OF RAIN! Seriously, now that it's February it feels like summer has ended. And it hasn't. We've still got a whole month of it. Ahhhhh.
Well. That's it for today.
Have a great week!
(I know I will...)

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