Friday 25 January 2013

Loki's 6!

That's right. My baby kitty's growing up.

It was his birthday yesterday. :)
So, as you've probably noticed I've been a little slack with the ol' blog lately. :/ I have gone out of my way to post reviews as I finish reading books, though I haven't done much reading this week either.
My editor got Sierra Fox #3 back to me really fast, so I spent most of this week working on the second round of edits for On Pins and Needles. I'm so excited about this story, especially since during the editing process Holly has helped me make everything super shiny. She's an awesome editor! So glad we were matched up. :)
I finished up on Wednesday, and took yesterday off. All I did was read! It was so good, and the book I read was amazing! Today I got a bunch of smaller things out of the way--including the review for the book I read yesterday. As well as some other stuff on my to-do list.
Well, my daughter goes back to school next week. On Wednesday. I can't believe she's starting high school! It kinda hit me the other day... she's actually going to start Year 7 next Wednesday. Yikes. The years go by so darn fast. But you know what's strange about that? I can still remember my first day of high school, I can still remember what it was like during those strange years. Hopefully that'll help understand my daughter a little better as she starts the next stage of her life...
Anyway. Not much more to report. Just thought it was about time I posted some sort of update here, LOL.
Have a great weekend! We've got a long one because it's Australia Day.

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