Thursday 31 January 2013

Last day of Jan...

Yeah, can you believe it? I honestly can't believe the first month of 2013 is almost over. Yikes! Time sure goes fast nowadays. :/
My daughter started high school yesterday. I know! I can't believe I have a kid old enough to go to high school. LOL. But she's there. She started Year 7 and is actually very excited about it, which is awesome. Though I have to say, I shouldn't have expected anything different because she was the same with pre-school and Kindy.
She seems to adapt easily enough, and I hope that continues into the rest of her life.
So, what does this mean for me? Well, I can finally set some real personal goals and deadlines. The first thing I'd like to tackle is the second draft of Sierra Fox #4. I wrote the first draft in November, so it should be good to get back into it after a few months away.
Ideally, I would like to get started on Monday... but if edits for Book 3 come in, I'll have to push it aside. We've got two more things left to do for the third book: FLEs and ARC. That's it! Which is why I want to get a move on with Book 4.

A few weeks ago while catching up on my Blog Reading, I found a scary short film posted at Rhiannon Frater's blog. It's called Mama and I've been wanting to watch it since, but because my daughter was home and I heard it was scary, I didn't. Well, I finally got around to checking it out yesterday, and whoa. WTH? Want to know what I mean? See it for yourself:  

The only problem is that I now can't wait to watch the movie! LMAO. I really need a horror fix soon!

Man, my brain needs a mental holiday. See ya!

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