Tuesday 18 December 2012

Last week of Year 6...

Yeah. My daughter finishes Primary School tomorrow. It's a bittersweet thing, really. I mean, I'm excited about her finishing school with such a great report card, and her constant giddiness--because she's having a great time with all the farewell stuff they're doing--is awesome... but it also means she's growing up so fast!
I still can't believe she starts High School next year. Yikes! Before we know it she'll be a teenager. :/
Speaking of my daughter, she made the ghost tile on the left. Isn't it cute? It's part of a golf course the kids decorated for the rest of the school. I love all the tiles she made, and snapped plenty of pics. So I'll probably be posting them over here soon. LOL.
Y'know, I've kinda lost track of time because for some reason I thought Christmas was still a few weeks away, and it's not. It's next week!

Although, personally, things have been going good this month, sometimes things happen in this volatile world of ours that affect your mood even if you're not there and don't even know someone that it's affected. I'm talking about what happened to those innocent children who went to school last Friday and were gunned down inside their classrooms by a madman. It breaks my heart every time I think about it, and I can't bear to watch the news because seeing the photos makes me sad all over again.
I just can't understand why/how anyone could hurt/kill a child. It's something I find repulsive. That's why whenever I think of what happened, I don't want to get into any arguments about guns and mental health... I just struggle to understand how a human can be so broken he would even contemplate doing something so callous. I just wish people would stop taking out their anger and personal problems on the innocent. It happens too often.
There are things that change the way people look at the world, and this was one of them. Sometimes people make it SO hard to have faith in human nature. It's sad.
Anyway. Let me just take a deep breath. Exhaling now. Phew. That was my sad and heavy thoughts for today.
So, what's going on? Anyone got any good news to share? I'm still excited about Sierra's third book coming out next year! So happy about it that I can't wait to revise the fourth one so I can submit it and move onto writing the fifth/final book. :)
Well. That's it for today. Just wanted to post a little update. I haven't been doing a lot so far this week because I've been so darn tired, but I did finish an awesome book yesterday! And I've been worldbuilding an upcoming project, as well as constantly getting new snippets from Sierra.
Have a great day!

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