Tuesday 20 November 2012

WICKED AS THEY COME by Delilah S. Dawson

When Tish Everett forces open the ruby locket she finds at an estate sale, she has no idea that a deliciously rakish Bludman has cast a spell just for her. She wakes up in a surreal world, where Criminy Stain, the dashing proprietor of a magical traveling circus, curiously awaits. At Criminy’s electric touch, Tish glimpses a tantalizing future, but she also foresees her ultimate doom. Before she can decide whether to risk her fate with the charming daredevil, the locket disappears, and with it, her only chance to return home. Tish and Criminy battle roaring sea monsters and thundering bludmares, vengeful ghosts and crooked Coppers in a treacherous race to recover the necklace from the evil Blud-hating Magistrate. But if they succeed, will Tish forsake her fanged suitor and return to her normal life, or will she take a chance on an unpredictable but dangerous destiny with the Bludman she’s coming to love?
This is a book that I'd been meaning to get to sooner, but things just kept getting in the way. I picked it up last week and was hooked right away.
When Tish accidentally steals a ruby locket from an estate sale, her life gets turned upside down. All of a sudden, she's in a strange land called Sang, where vampire-like people called the Blud live in a steampunkish world full of wonder, and she can see people's futures by touching them. It's also where she meets the very mysterious and alluring Criminy. Without intending to, she gets involved in this wonderful and wicked world where not only is her life at stake, but so is her heart.
I absolutely LOVED this book! Everything about it was fantastical and amazing--the concept, the mishmash of genres that was very well done, the colourful characters, and the writing. I love the dark and dreary world of Sang. Oh, and I enjoyed going on this adventure with Tish, as she starts to not only trust herself, but also others. Criminy comes across a bit strong at the beginning, but we soon get to find out why.
Yeah, this was one awesome book! I can't wait to read Casper's story, because I was totally intrigued by him.

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