Sunday 21 October 2012


The Affair of the Wooden Boy
In Drummond, James Stark and his pretty wife Mina run a discreet inquiry agency. The city is rife with dark creatures, great monsters and men who are beasts. When a puppet knocks on their door in the dead of night claiming to be a real boy who has had his body stolen through black magic, James cannot resist his curiosity. Mina accompanies her husband and soon finds their lives are in peril as they chase a mastermind from the grand mansions into the Gutbucket district.

This is a freebie I picked up for my Kindle, and I really enjoyed it!

Mina and James Stark live in Drummond and run an inquiry agency. The city is filled with dark creatures, and James loves to investigate strange occurrences. So when a wooden puppet knocks on their door and needs their help, the couple set out into the dead of night to help him.

I found this story really charming. It hooked me in, was very interesting, featured a lot of dark creatures, a stange mystery involving dark magic, and an unexpected twist at the end.

Yeah, I really liked this one. And would love to read more stories featuring this married couple.

My only problem was with the actual formatting of the eBook. I'm not sure why it was all in bold, except in some places where it wasn't. Strange, but not enough to take away from the story. :)

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