Friday 28 September 2012


A shot of Skulduggery action for free. It isn't easy to take over the world. First you need the scheme. Then you need the muscle. Then you need to come up with a system for ruling six billion people and keeping them fron revolting. It takes a certain kind of man to take over the world. Scaramouch Van Dreg, however, is not that man. But he has one thing going for him. He has his arch enemy, Skulduggery Pleasant, chained in his dungeon, and the only person who is coming to save him is the skeleton detective's 13 year old sidekick. What could possibly go wrong?
This is a series that I've really fallen behind on, but my daughter's up to the latest book and she keeps telling me to catch up. LOL. So I decided to get back into it with this in-between-the-novels short story.

Scaramouch Van Dreg has Skulduggery Pleasant just where he wants him--chained up inside a dungeon. He's convinced he's the baddest of Pleasant's archenemies, but as he soon finds out... he's way off.

OMG. This shortie was a lot of fun! Really funny. Oh, and every time I read the name Scaramouch, I expected him to do the Fandango. ;)

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