Thursday 6 September 2012

THE BOY IN THE LOT by Ronald Malfi

Fear lives in Stillwater.

Eleven-year-old Mark Davis wasn’t happy at all that his family was moving to the small town of Stillwater. He worried that he’d miss his old friends and not be able to make new ones. But he’ll soon learn that was the least of his worries. Something deadly is waiting to welcome him to town.

Enjoy this chilling, short companion piece to Ronald Malfi’s new novel to get just a hint of the terrors that await you—and the residents of Stillwater—in The Narrows!
I just finished reading this shortie on my Samsung Galaxy Note. It's another freebie from Samhain.

Mark doesn't want to move away from his friends, but his father got a new job in another state and he's got no other choice but to accept it. But when his parents stop for the night in a crappy motel, something really horrible is waiting for him outside...

This was another well written short story, with that old-style horror feeling.

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