Tuesday 21 August 2012


Strangeness on a Train
Turning fifty has not filled Sally with joy. She's sitting on the Kings Cross to Harrogate train the morning after her disastrous birthday meal, feeling fed up and hungover to hell. And then a stranger climbs on board and sits down opposite her. You know those passengers who really, really annoy you on trains? The ones who invade your personal space, and worse? Well, he's one of those. And he's about to push Sally to breaking point.
Last night, while sorting through the books I have on my Kindle, I stumbled on this short story. I started to read it and was instantly hooked by Sally's story, but I had stuff to do so I couldn't read the whole thing.

This afternoon, I decided to sit on the couch and get to the end.

Sally just turned fifty, and after a disastrous dinner with her kids and ex-husband, she's on a train heading to see her elderly aunt. However, being plagued by the memories of how her ex ruined her birthday dinner and having to put up with a disgusting passenger on the train who has no sense of boundaries (or decency, really) she totally loses it!

I especially liked how she was trying to read a book but couldn't get into it, and it happened to be one of the author's other books. LOL. And I also enjoyed how the story unfolded and how it concluded with an obvious result but spared the gory details.

Great shortie!

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