Tuesday 7 August 2012


Excuse me. I'm not feeling 100% today. I've got a blocked nose and keep sneezing. Looks like it's my turn. Hubby and Daughter have already gone through it. :/

Anyway. Isn't this pic cute? It's another one made by my daughter on her iPad. She's really good at it. And the panda's so darn cute.

Well, I'm not feeling too motivated today. So I'm glad it's not a day where I had a bunch of things planned, or goals to meet. I think I'll just spend most of the day mucking around online, reading, and just enjoying the sun. I really don't feel like getting stuck into anything too involved.

Though I do have some goals to plan. And I keep checking my Inbox because I know there are emails I'm supposed to be getting. LOL. Just getting impatient, and hope I don't get forgotten. You'd be surprised how often this happens...

So, my daughter and I were walking home yesterday afternoon when we spotted some smoke in one of the parks we pass by. I knew something was burning, and so we got closer and found a log on fire in the middle of the path. I hate the threat of fires, and with the amount of trees, leaves, and grass around that area, we couldn't just walk away. So I ran to a random house and knocked on the door, asking for a bucket of water. The man was kind enough to fill up a watering can for me and so I ran back and drowned the log so much the flames were completely put out.

Phew. I thanked the man, gave him back his watering can, and continued on our way home. I'm just glad that we were able to do something before the fire got out of control. Not sure how it happened in the first place, but this isn't the first time something like this has happened to us. We walk around our neighbourhood a LOT, and so we see all types of strange stuff. And this is about the third random object-on-fire we've put out. Strange, but very true! O_o

Oh, check this out!! Do you see the cover for SPLIT AT THE SEAMS between two lovely covers?? Well, that's a Samhain ad in RT magazine. I actually had no idea about it, until the lovely Cassi Carver mentioned it on Twitter. Cassi, thanks for the link and also for posting a pic! It's SO exciting.

Okay. Have a great one!

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