Wednesday 23 May 2012

Just, stuff

Wish I was doing what this kitty's doing right now. I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning, because it was so cold.
It's not  even winter yet, and the mornings and nights are already super cold.

I have to admit that I was hoping for a warmish winter. Y'know, since we kinda missed out on summer and all.

This climate change thing really sucks. :/

So, this is what I said at the beginning of the week:

"..this week is going to be all about resting my brain, catching up on some reading, brainstorming, thinking, and getting my head into gear for Sierra Fox #3."

And I have to admit that I've been sticking to it. On Monday, I had to get some X-rays taken on my left arm (forearm, near elbow) because I have what feels like a small lump, but looks like it's actually a piece of bone that's sticking out. Not sure why, but the tech didn't think it was anything serious. I'll call my doctor today to double check what the specialist said after taking a closer look. Fingers crossed that it really is just another anomaly of mine. I seem to have a few of those. LOL.

I'm actually enjoying this week, and have caught up on a lot of dusting, cleaning, and even organising of my stationery, books, notes, etc. At the same time, my brain's resting, but my creative wheels are turning, getting me ready for what I'd like to tackle very soon: Sierra Fox #3.

But for today, I'd like to squeeze in a bit more reading than I've managed so far. I'm reading BLACK HEART by Holly Black, and it's so good! I just need to set more time aside for sitting on the couch to read...

Hubby's got an RDO tomorrow, so we'll be spending the day together. Yay. Can't wait. Love spending time with him. :)

Well, I better get going. I've got clothes to put out on the line, need to get my daughter's breakfast, plus get her lunch ready. She needs to get to school a little earlier today. It's school photo day!

Have a great one!

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