Wednesday 29 February 2012

Another week, another month

Yep. That's right. Today is the last day of February. Although I've gotten some stuff done, this month wasn't as productive as January.

Oh well.

I did get the second edit of A PATCH OF DARKNESS done, and emailed back to my editor last Friday. So I got to enjoy the weekend. It was also great to have hubby home on Monday, though it was sad to see him go back to work yesterday.  :(

Oh, and speaking of APoD... it's now listed on Goodreads. Cool, huh? I love that cover a little more every time I look at it. lol. It's just so Sierra!

This week is already half done, so I'm not going to throw myself into anything too involved. What I'd really like to do is get started on the interviews and guest blog posts I need to write about Sierra and the gang. I think that would be fun, and at the same time it'll help clear some of the stuff from my to-do list.

Not much going on right now. Well, okay, I did get a bit of good news last week that I can't share yet... :D

Well, have a great day!

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