Monday 16 January 2012

HANA by Lauren Oliver

In the world of Delirium, love is a disease. And like all eighteen-year-olds, Lena and Hana must take the cure.At the start of their last summer of freedom, they were the closest of friends. Until Hana made a decision that tore them apart . . .

 In Delirium, we heard from Lena. Now, Hana gets to tell her side of the story. And nothing is what we first thought. Hana is a powerful, moving and beautifully told original eBook short story, with a shocking twist that will leave you with your heart in your mouth.

This novella fits between Delirium and Pandemonium. It's in the POV of Hana, who happens to be Lena's best friend.

It's beautifully written and gives the reader insight into what was going on with Hana while Lena's story was developing. I enjoyed delving into her life, but I have to admit that it didn't really offer anything new to the trilogy. Well, okay, except for the very end... which I didn't expect. :(        

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