Tuesday 24 January 2012

GREEN WITCH by Alice Hoffman

In this powerful, lovely sequel to GREEN ANGEL, Green must learn the stories of a number of "witches" and free her true soul mate from a prison as she grapples with life, love, and loss in a post-disaster world.

I found out about this book because my daughter was interested in reading Green Angel. I searched here on Goodreads and to my surprise--and excitement--found there was a sequel. Then I found it at the local library and just had to borrow it.

My daughter actually read it before me, and she told me it was lovely. I picked it up yesterday and read it in a few sittings... and she was right. This is another beautiful, haunting, heart-breaking story about Green. She lost everything a year ago, but is now rebuilding her life. Still, she longs for the boy she loves and sets out on a wondrous quest...

This is another wonderfully-written story by Alice Hoffman. She certainly has a way with words, and can convey so much emotion in just one sentence. Her stories always touch my heart, so I'm going to have to go out of my way to read more of them. She's a brilliant storyteller.

This passage from the book is about love, and it truly is amazing:

"You have to be willing to give everything away. You have to be willing to end up with nothing.

Only then will your heart be whole."

Last night, I ordered Green Heart, which actually contains both books. Can't wait to receive it. :)         

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