Monday 5 December 2011

Ready for the new week...

With only two weeks of school left, I have to be ready to seriously tackle what's left of my self-imposed deadlines for 2011. And what exactly is that?

Well, I want to finish the third draft of Sierra Fox #2 before my daughter's last school day for this year--which happens to be the 16th of this month. After that, she won't go back to school until late January. Of course, I'll still be working on other projects, but I want to have this one done by then.

Fingers crossed.

Oh, and by the way, see this awesome pic on the left? Well, my daughter made it for me on one of the doll maker apps on her iPad. It's actually Sierra Fox. Doesn't she look cool? She made a bunch of these awesome dolls for me, for characters in Sierra's world and those in Trina's. Very cool.

How was your weekend? We had another great one. Although I was terribly disappointed when I read the online results of The Ultimate Fighter 14 Finale and found out that Mayhem Miller didn't win. :( I was hoping he would, because he rocked so much as a coach on the latest season. Oh well. He still rocks, and I can't wait to see him in action again.

Okay, you know how I mentioned my goal for this week? Well, I actually cheated and gave myself a head start on Friday. And even managed to squeeze in a little revision over the weekend. So instead of starting on page 1 this morning, I'm already sitting on page 68/236. Awesome, right? Now, instead of having 236 pages to revise by the end of next week, I have 168. Sneaky, huh? But cool, I reckon. ;)

Today's goal is to get as close to page 100 as I can. That'll bring me up to my Thursday goal. lol. I think this sneaking in revision whenever I can is a great thing. Even if it does cut into my reading time. But it doesn't matter, I'll be rewarding myself with plenty of reading after I reach this personal goal!

Speaking of reading. I've pretty much reached my 2011 reading challenge goals... except for the Stephen King Challenge. I have one book left to read on that one, and it's MISERY. :D

Oh, and remember how I mentioned that I've had a sore left heel for several months now? Well, I finally went to the doctor on Friday and had him check it out. Turns out I needed to take some anti-inflammatory pills to help with the swelling, and not walk for a while. At least, not the kind of walks I love doing. *cries* After taking the pills over the weekend, the pain has almost subsided. I also didn't go for any strenuous walks and will have to take it easy this week. Which means I'll probably miss out on most of the week's walks, but at least I can do yoga and weights.

If I don't do this, the injury won't heal completely. It's just that not going for my daily walks makes it feel like something is missing from my days. Sigh.

Okay, time to get on with the day...

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