Monday 26 December 2011


You can’t keep a good Secret for long.

Secret McQueen, Book 2

After cheating death twice in one night, confessing her true nature to her werewolf soul mates and being asked to kill one of her closest friends, Secret took a much-needed vacation. By running away.

Now she’s back in town—dragged kicking and screaming—determined to clear Holden Chancery’s name. Right after she finds out what he’s accused of. It shouldn’t be hard—Holden has a habit of using their new and scintillating psychic bond to break into her thoughts and dreams at some very, shall we say, awkward moments.

Just a few things stand in her way: a secretive Tribunal leader, a group of would-be vampire slayers and two werewolf boyfriends who refuse to let her operate in her customary lone-wolf style. Even less amusing are the terrifying creatures that someone is using in an attempt to gain control of the council. Even for this out-of-the-ordinary bounty hunter, it’s a challenge with potentially deadly teeth.

Warning: Contains an ever-plucky heroine with no shortage of weapons, super-hot mind games, an ever-complicated love triangle and one hell of a creepy amusement park.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, as well as the prequel novella, so I was looking forward to getting stuck into this one.

After the Tribunal gave Secret her latest assignment, she took off. How can she kill Holden without knowing what he's accused of? So, she's gone to spend a bit of time with her grandmother. But when she's forcibly taken back to New York, Secret has no choice but to face everyone and everything she ran away from.

Now, she's determined to clear Holden's name. Which includes finding out why the Tribunal wants him dead. But this will lead her to an unexpected discovery, as well as some truly horrible creatures hiding out in an abandoned amusement park.

Oh, and let's not forget her very complicated love life--she's got two werewolf boyfriends, and a pesky vampire that seems to be consuming her fantasies lately.

This was another very exciting, action-packed installment and I can't wait to read more... especially after the unexpected ending. Lucky for me, I have the next novella already waiting for me on my Kindle! ;)        

H&UFRC books read: 53/24

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